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Businesses and Consumers Deserve More than Phony, False Reviews.



For businesses and their customers, reviews play a vitally important role today.
Yet reviews posted on public sites are unpoliced, abusive and can be dishonest.
Businesses get damaged, consumers get misled, and the trust creating a better
experience for everyone can’t happen. Until now. is changing that
with a direct channel that connects business with their customers for feedback


Bad Reviews Hurt Businesses and Mislead Customers

We get it, because we’re entrepreneurs and know the impact
a review can have – the good, the bad, the ugly and too often
the unfair. When it happens, frustration is only the beginning.


Customers Can Be Uncomfortable with Public Reviews

We’re also consumers and we’ve experienced the frustration
of wanting to leave a review but uncomfortable using public
sites that aren’t controlled and can do more harm than good. – Because Everyone Deserves Better

To find a better way started from the ground-up, envisioning
a platform to meet the needs of businesses and give consumers
access to information they want with privacy when it’s desired.

Simple and Secure, Private and Direct Feedback

Better for everyone, because to protect against the damages of
unfair reviews, we know more than prices and products are at
stake, and we see it from the customer and business point of view.

Safer and Smarter Customer Feedback for Business

Business Intelligence Helping Businesses Improve

Knowing sooner rather than later gives businesses a chance
to respond to customers faster, sending a positive message
building stronger customer relationships and a secure future.


A Direct and Private Feedback Channel for Consumers


Creatively Thank Your Customers for their Feedback

They’ve taken a stake in building stronger local businesses with
their honest feedback. Now you can reward them for it with
special offers and discounts emailed directly to them.


Make it Truly Easy for Customers to Provide Feedback

It really is fast and easy. Now customers can provide it without
feeling uncomfortable having to download and launch another
app, businesses can get the information they need to improve.


Best of All, No Special App is Required at

Inviting customer feedback makes a powerful statement to
customers and sets you apart, telling them you care about
their satisfaction, and value their input to help get it right.

A Private Feedback Channel Connecting Businesses with Their Customers.

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